photo: Jack Blanch

An innovative contemporary flute and piano duo, ANIMO is carving its own path with a series of initiatives and collaborations since its Launch, or launch? in 2019. 

The ANIMO flute and piano duo is the creation of flautist Sarah Waycott and pianist Yanna Zissiadou. Both experienced performers and educators, they came together in 2018 to form an idea for a contemporary music duo that will break through the “Classical Music” norms and perform music that is soulful and accessible by all, regardless of its origins, style, and medium. 

ANIMO’s repertoire is an ever-growing eclectic mix of works that have been influenced by many different musical styles and genres without being restricted to one.

Since 2019, ANIMO’s ‘new music project’ defines the duo’s aspiration to collaborate with different musicians and create a new repertoire for flute and piano that includes electronics, soundscapes, and colourful extended instrumental techniques. 


Animo Two

Release Date: December 2, 2022
Catalog Number: RR8079
21st Century
The outstanding vigor of flutist Sarah Waycott and pianist Yanna Zissiadou is on full display on ANIMO TWO, an arresting album of new music for the ANIMO flute and piano duo. The richness of musical color created here with two solo instruments is a mesmerizing testament to ANIMO's skill both as individual performers as well as their chemistry in dialogue. Zissiadou and Waycott truly have the Midas touch when it comes to commissioning new pieces for their rare setup, yielding an album that meanders between empathetic tenderness and unfettered exuberance. A delight.