Ben Johansen

Ben Johansen is an interdisciplinary composer fascinated with exploring new ways of creating and organizing sound, designing aesthetically compelling visuals, and working with small electronics to construct installation art. He challenges himself to 1) constantly expand the limits of performers and observers and 2) design atmospheres that foster improvisation and indeterminacy within boundaries that are accessible to participants. Teaching is a passion of his that accompanies his desire to continually learn, create, and research. Ben’s schooling has greatly influenced his interests. He completed his Bachelor’s in Music Education and Master’s in Music Composition at Baylor University where he is currently employed. Ben earned his Ph.D. from University of North Texas in Music with an emphasis in Composition, a Specialization in Computer Media and a minor in Installation Art.



Release Date: April 8, 2016
Catalog Number: RR7930
21st Century
Violinist Mikylah Myers and flutist Francesca Arnone perform diverse electroacoustic pieces on their first collaborative album REACT, released on Ravello Records. The works on this album demonstrate well the potential range of electroacoustic music in facilitating both experimental and traditional compositional ideas. The featured composers explore new ways of creating and organizing sound, and as performed with either computer or other interactive electronics, the violin and flute help construct unique sonic landscapes.