Bruce Hamilton composes and performs music in a variety of genres. He is a Professor of Music at Western Washington University, where he teaches composition, theory, and directs the electroacoustic music program. He received his DM from Indiana University, and has performed as a percussionist, improviser, and electronic musician for over 20 years. His music is published by Non Sequitur Music and can be heard on the Albany, Memex, P’hill, SEAMUS, and Mark labels. Hamilton has received honors, awards and commissions from ALEA Ill, AMC, ASCAP, PAS, Barlow Endowment, Carbondale Community Arts, Indiana University, Jerome Foundation, National Society of Arts and Letters, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Whatcom Symphony, Russolo-Pratella Foundation, and SEAMUS.


Resonant Edges

Release Date: April 24, 2012
Catalog Number: RR7832
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
RESONANT EDGES was originally released in 2007 and features performances by pianists Dianne Frazer Cross, Peter Henderson, Mark E. Hussung, and Denise Fillion, clarinetist Karen Dannessa, flutists Deanna R. Little and Lisa A. Jelle, soprano Dorothy Maddison, and the Seattle New Music Ensemble.