Described as “spirited and intellectual,” Indianapolis-based musician Cecily Terhune enjoys a rewarding career as a performer, recording artist, and educator. She concertizes regularly as a soloist and proud member of funk-fusion septet Audiodacity and the Hood/Terhune Duo, among other groups. When not on stage, Terhune shares her passion for music by teaching private students and sectionals at Carmel and Noblesville High Schools, serving as a member of the Committee for Gender Equity in the North American Saxophone Alliance, and maintaining her educational YouTube channel.

Sought after for her drive and versatility, Terhune is a successful performer in a broad variety of musical spaces and genres. She is an expressive solo recitalist, a jazz combo leader, a woodwind doubler, a saxophone quartet performer, and a regular recording artist for publishers including Hal Leonard. Terhune has performed all across the United States and internationally in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Japan.

Terhune is passionate about contemporary music and seeks to connect modern listeners with music that will mentally challenge and emotionally engage the deeper self. Her primary musical ambitions are to promote inclusivity by inviting all listeners to enjoy traditionally “academic” music and to blur the lines of musical genres to further sonic possibilities.


Boon Bestowed

Release Date: February 9, 2024
Catalog Number: RR8100
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Indianapolis saxophonist Cecily Terhune dives headfirst into an exploration of heroism on her genre-defying debut album BOON BESTOWED. Harnessing the principles laid out in Joseph Campbell's seminal theory of mythology, Terhune creates a captivating, musical microcosm in which the listener is invited to take center stage as the audacious protagonist. The theory goes as follows: Most myths in human history have an archetypal heroine/hero who answers a call to journey through a supernatural world. After undergoing a transformation of strength and character, the heroine returns equipped with material and/or incorporeal boons to bestow upon her community. Marveling at the highly diverse and exquisite mastery of the saxophone on BOON BESTOWED, one is apt to wonder what supernatural landscapes Terhune might have traversed herself.