Colin Kemper

Colin Kemper is a composer, performer, and educator. His compositional interests are multifaceted; particularly, his art is concerned with matters pertaining to mental wellness, family dynamics, gender norms, addiction, trauma, and recovery. He is interested in collaborative endeavors involving notated music, electronic, electro-acoustic, popular song, theater, video games, film, dance, screendance, and multimedia installation. His music has been performed by members of the Dal Niente Ensemble, the Lunar Ensemble, the Meridian Percussion Trio, Houston’s Foundation for Modern Music, the University of Alabama Contemporary Ensemble, and the University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance.

Kemper’s screen dances have been recognized at various festivals, including the Frame X Frame Dance Film Festival in Houston, Texas, the Modco Dance Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Lift Off Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. His soundtrack for Earthborn Interactive’s Flutterbombs is released on Xbox and Playstation American and European marketplaces.


Mind & Machine, Volume Five

Release Date: September 22, 2023
Catalog Number: RR8091
21st Century
The critically-acclaimed MIND & MACHINE series from Ravello Records returns with its fifth edition with an all-new roster of today’s electro-acoustic composers. This installment taps into and unpacks the foundations of our universe, from the hidden corners of our psyche to the fibers that hold our world together. Offering meditative reflections on the ephemeral moments in our lives and exploring resemblances between music and scientific concepts, MIND & MACHINE, VOLUME FIVE delivers a sprawling artistic soundscape that allows for deep introspection and self-discovery.