Stuart Weber’s passion for the guitar was ignited early on when at age 12 when a cousin loaned him a flood-ravaged folk guitar. Undaunted by its poor condition, Weber began a ravenous period of self-study, which carried him through his teenage years and beyond.

A native of the Northern Rocky Mountains, Weber is deeply influenced by the spirit of the American West. He credits the long harsh winters of Montana for giving him time and space to develop as an artist.
Weber draws inspiration for his compositions from the natural environment, bringing to life images of rugged landscapes with uncompromising virtuosity, prompting The Denver Post to praise Weber as “a Western original.”

“He’s undoubtedly a virtuoso on the guitar, but technique is always deployed with sensitivity… and an informality that’s not unwelcome.” — Textura, May 2018

“…Weber’s own excellent compositions… highly original. …highly entertaining.” — The Whole Note, June/July 2018

“Stuart Weber takes us on a fascinating journey across the Rocky Mountain Western United States…a beautifully reflective performance” — Cinemusical, May 18, 2018

“His playing is clean and expressive…” — American Record Guide, August 2018

“Weber embraces the elegance of high-brow compositions as well as the grit of stripped-down Americana.” “…strong yet delicate guitar playing” — Classical Music Discoveries, July 2018


Missouri Breaks

Release Date: January 13, 2023
Catalog Number: RR8084
21st Century
String Quartet
MISSOURI BREAKS from composer and guitarist Stuart Weber is a musical meditation on the tension between natural history and modernity. In collaboration with the Sirius Quartet, Weber’s work is largely set in the untamed American West. Night Scribe considers the periodic appearance of Halley’s Comet and wonders where humanity might find itself when the comet next appears in the year 2062. Missouri Breaks takes its musical cues from the Missouri River as it flows through north-central Montana; the tempo is set by the river’s current, the glittering sunlight reflecting off the water inspires Weber’s guitar technique. Weber is deeply familiar with his subject matter, as he credits his upbringing in the Northern Rocky Mountains for giving him the time and space to develop as an artist.

Pieces of Road

Release Date: October 9, 2020
Catalog Number: RR8044
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Stuart Weber's PIECES OF ROAD is a heartfelt, profound homage to the spirit of the American West. At once traditional and original, the classical guitarist manages to capture the essence not only of his native Rocky Mountains, but of nature and comfort at large.

The Fifth Row

Release Date: May 11, 2018
Catalog Number: RR7988
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Find your seat and settle in with THE FIFTH ROW, the latest album by guitarist Stuart Weber. These twelve compositions, recorded in several historic American theaters, employ Weber’s strong yet delicate guitar playing along with the acoustics of the rooms in which he recorded. Combining elements of classical and folk, Weber embraces the elegance of high-brow compositions as well as the grit of stripped-down Americana. Conversely, Weber’s interpretation of “America The Beautiful" cracks the hardened shell of the country’s staple song and exposes the pearl underneath that brings a brand new, marvelous way of looking at the classic.