Thad Anderson (b. 1980) is a faculty member at the University of Central Florida where he has roles in the percussion, composition, and music technology fields. In addition to his teaching duties, he also oversees the Collide Contemporary Music Series and directs the UCF New Music Ensemble. Actively composing in instrumental, electronic, and multimedia genres, Anderson has composed pieces for the Omojo Percussion Duo, George Weremchuk, Grand Valley State University, Nora Lee Garcia, the Heisler/Yeh Duo, the Patterns Quartet, and Korry Friend. He frequently collaborates with immersive visual artist Diana Reichenbach and composed music for the award-winning documentary film Standard Deviation.


Lines & Spaces

Release Date: May 10, 2019
Catalog Number: RR8013
21st Century
The 15 tracks on Thad Anderson’s LINES & SPACES are from his Lines series, based on his compositional technique called “duration lines” that create both structure and polyrhythmic interest. Anderson integrates traditional instruments with fixed media, live processing, and tuned metals to create pieces that are infinitely malleable.