Lisa Miles composer

Release Date: October 25, 2011
Catalog #: RR7816
Format: Digital & Physical

Composer and performer Lisa Miles combines classical chops and punk rock influences in both her spirited solo work and unique collaborations with other instrumentalists (cello, bass, harp, voice, guitar). Miles describes her music as “tending toward either the edgy and intense, or the atmospheric, dark and meditative”– both of which come through in force on NÁLADA. Her CD release features wildly original compositions for acoustic and electric violin and mandolin, many of which were composed for and informed live, collaborative, cross-disciplinary performance.


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Artist Information

Lisa Miles

Composer, Violinist

Lisa Miles is a creative artist of 25+ years from Pittsburgh PA. Uniquely blending the arts and humanities, she composes and performs, is the author of two books and a personal and professional development consultant. She has a B.A. in English and Applied Music minor (Youngstown State). Grants have included Meet the Composer and PA Arts & Humanities Initiative; recent recognition has been inclusion in John Shelton Ivany's "Top 21" (Natl. News Bureau).