Scott Brickman

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Throughout his musical career and childhood, American composer Scott Brickman has gathered influences ranging from the European-American classical tradition of the 2nd Viennese School to Elvis Costello and The Beatles. On WINTER & CONSTRUCTION, his debut release on Ravello Records, Brickman maintains these disparate influences and brings them together into well-crafted whole to create sharp, pointed, and modernistic 12-tone pieces for guitar, piano, and violin.Through each piece, he proves his ability to meld the traditional 12-tone procedures of the 2nd Viennese School and the U.S. East Coast with the subjective aspects of his identity as a Midwest-born New Englander. Performers on the disc are the Strung Out Trio, comprised of pianist Matt Gould and Duo46 members guitarist Matt Gould and violinist Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould.

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