Kim Halliday
Classical | Contemporary | Avant Garde

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Imagine you're walking through a dark field, the grass wet at your feet. It's a familiar place, but something feels different-there is something extra, something you can't quite explain. As the fog surrounds you and the darkness presses down, a medley of melodic piano, swirling drum lines, and eerie ambience cut through the mist, jarring your senses but somehow comforting you while bringing you deeper into the unknown. All of your thoughts, your emotions, your fears and joys, are rolled into one as the music swirls with the fog, and you find yourself swept into a story unlike any you've heard before.

British composer/pianist Kim Halliday is the author of this story, combining his experience in film composition with his penchant for narrative melody to craft piano-driven miniatures that simultaneously haunt and soothe the listener. On BIRDSONG IN MIST, a collection of 15 of his works, Halliday's less-is-more ideology and his ability to let musical ideas roam leave plenty of power to the imagination, providing the perfect soundtrack to your inner thoughts.

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