Toward the Light

The Voice Of Elaine Huckle

Elaine Huckle vocalist

Release Date: August 28, 2012
Catalog #: RR7848
Format: Digital & Physical
Vocal Music

Mezzo-soprano Elaine Huckle has received acclaim from an early age, lauded for childhood performances of well-known liturgical works and solo recitals through adulthood. Her passion for singing developed at an early age, but was nearly derailed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to maintain her career, Huckle found an inner strength to recover—TOWARD THE LIGHT is her celebration of her recovery, and a testament to her willpower to continue a vibrant singing career. With this album—featuring performances of works by masters including Handel, Brahms, and Schubert—Huckle hopes to inspire others to press on and follow their hearts. In her own words, “This is not my story. This is everybody’s story.”


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Artist Information

Elaine Huckle


Elaine Huckle's (b. 1947) first singing efforts took place at her local church when she was 7 years of age, where she sang "O Come all ye faithful" as a solo. Her parents walked home in disbelief, newly aware that their daughter could sing rather well.