Exploring the Heart

Romantic Works For Solo Piano

Rachel Lee Guthrie composer

Dmitry Tavanets piano
Karolina Rojahn piano
Robert Ian Winstin piano

Release Date: September 25, 2012
Catalog #: RR7853
Format: Digital & Physical
Solo Instrumental

Through keen observations of nature, imaginative nocturnal scenes, and apt studies in form, Rachel Lee Guthrie crafts a series of works for solo piano in romantic and baroque styles, letting her impressionistic influences shine through with meditative beauty. From the emotional Serenade to the dynamic Lullaby to the lively Waltz, Guthrie proves herself capable of expressing a wide range of feeling and pianistic style. On EXPLORING THE HEART, a collection of 10 of Guthrie’s works for solo piano, her qualities as a composer shine and receive ample support from pianists Karolina Rojahn and Dmitry Tavanets.


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Artist Information

Rachel Lee Guthrie


Rachel Lee Guthrie was born on November 3, 1979 in Des Moines IA. From an early age, she played the piano by ear and resisted formal lessons until the age of fourteen when she began studying with various college-level instructors. In 2004, Guthrie earned a degree in piano pedagogy from Drake University, graduating cum laude. Her passion has always been for Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Impressionist masters, and she has composed a number of new pieces in the classical tradition as well as works in a contemporary style.

Karolina Rojahn


Karolina Rojahn is a Los Angeles based pianist who has dedicated the last decade of her career to premiering and recording contemporary music repertoire. She has premiered over a hundred new works and collaborated with various classical music labels, most notably Naxos, having released over 43 recordings of chamber and solo piano music, including 5 piano concertos written specifically for her.