Marga Richter
Classical | Orchestral

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Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra
Gerard Schwarz, conductor

Composed with integrity, mystery, and ambition, the orchestral works of Marga Richter thrive on the emotional and the visceral, conjuring vast and majestic imagery with poetic and dramatic underpinnings. POETIC IMAGES BEYOND POETRY includes three of Richterís works for orchestra, each of which present a tonal and moving representation of their various influences: Out of Shadows and Solitude, inspired by the flight of a condor over clouded mountaintops; Quantum Quirks of a Quick Quaint Quark, based on Richterís early dance music and boogie-woogie; and Spectral Chimes: Enshrouded Hills, permeated with imagery from Hardyís Tess of the DíUrbervilles. POETIC IMAGES BEYOND POETRY features performances by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, both under conductor Gerard Schwarz.

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