Recent Chamber Works

Richard Cornell composer

A Far Cry
Boston Musica Viva | Richard Pittman music director
Peter Zazofsky violin

Release Date: February 26, 2013
Catalog #: RR7869
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
String Orchestra

TRACER, a collection of recent chamber works by composer Richard Cornell, explores the nature of art and the collaboration that occurs naturally among artists and the interaction between creator and influence. Comprised of live recordings, this album highlights the performers’ instincts to respond to one another, interpreting the music as individuals and as a group, and exploring the intricacies of the works as they are played. This release includes a visual version of Tracer, the centerpiece of the album, which serves as a computer-rendered survey of art and culture that guides and morphs the music to match the viewer’s progress through time and space; as the viewer travels among an imagined world, the music responds to the imagery.

A Far Cry, Boston Musica Viva, and Peter Zazofsky perform four of Cornell’s works: New Fantasias, a dynamic, expressive piece for chamber orchestra sans conductor; Tracer, an audio/visual collaboration exploring art and its processes; Images, a dense, textured piece modeled on the quarrels of birds; and Acqua Alta, a tribute to the history and future of Venice.


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Artist Information

Richard Cornell


The music of Boston-based composer Richard Cornell deftly explores the nature of art and collaboration, highlighting the latent opportunities for artistic license and interpretation within music. His cross-disciplinary efforts combining visual elements with his works have led to installations, art works in virtual reality, and audio/video projects, one of which is included on his latest album TRACER on Ravello Records.