Gregory Hall
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COMPOSITIONAL IMPROVISATIONS: FROM THE MYSTERIA, VOL. 1 is Gregory Hall's debut collection of improvisational classical music based on contemporary music theory, performed by the composer himself. Hall's improvisations feature sprawling-yet-contained passages that weave in and out of harmonic motives, drifting away from centralized themes and seamlessly returning to the source material. The tracks on COMPOSITIONAL IMPROVISATIONS draw from Hall's live concerts of compositional improvisation, which harken back to the days when improvisation was commonplace in classical performance. The improvisations - driven by Hall's desire to create spontaneous contemporary classical music that remains approachable - embraces both consonance and dissonance, and are informed by the spirit of the composer/pianists of the early 20th century.

Visit the COMPOSITIONAL IMPROVISATIONS: FROM THE MYSTERIA, VOL. 1 web application to access the digital booklet, extended liner notes, study scores, and more.

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