Kim Halliday
Rock | Alternative
Release Date: November 11, 2014

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Kim Halliday, words, music, guitars, keys, arrangements, loops, programming
Martin Lister, keys, guitars, drums, arrangements, loops, programming
Angie Giles, vox on Only A Game, Halflight
Laura Glover, vox on Winter in Mitte
Dave Maybrickk, vox on B104-82, Meff
Lara and Alexis Siougas, vox on Varosha

Composer and musician Kim Halliday is no stranger to the aesthetics of contemporary rock music, having a diverse background in punk, new wave, and ska. While his work in film composition draws on these influences and beyond, Halliday says his music is "designed to comfort and disturb in equal measure" like the moonlight illuminating a path through the forest, yet awakening shadow beings among the trees.

His latest Ravello Records release, HALFLIGHT, portrays Halliday as a composer of our age, bringing together progressive rock, electronic and ambient music, and film music. Halliday uses a range of instruments at his disposal, from guitar and piano to sound loops and synthesizers to drum machines and narration. These works are entrenched in mystery, suggesting emotions that may be real or delusional. As does a track from a rock album, these pieces are easily self-sustaining and satisfying on their own, but they carry an atmosphere and tone of thrill and complexity which give them the ability to work within a number of film settings.

Kim Halliday studied Media Music at the London International Film School and has been writing music for film, television, theatre, multimedia, and concert stage for over two decades.

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