And So It Begins

Chamber Music & Solos

Debra Kaye composer

Martha McGaughey treble viol; Jeanne Dorche tenor viol; Carlene Stober bass viol; Amy Kimball violin & ankle bell; Arthur Cook cello; Marcia Eckert piano; Lynn Bechtold violin; Javier Oviedo alto & tenor saxophone; Elizabeth Wolff piano; Haim Avitsur trombone; Entela Barci viola; Garo Yellin cello; Frank Wagner double bass; Charles Coleman conductor

Release Date: October 14, 2014
Catalog #: RR7899
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century

Composer Debra Kaye’s debut Ravello Records release, AND SO IT BEGINS, catapults the listener into her deep universe of sound – an expedition down one New York City street and up another, through the warp and weft of interior landscapes, to Taos Mountain, on a journey through a dream, a dying, a love – as she blends her classical roots with traces of jazz, pop, world music, the pulse of city rhythms, and the expansiveness of spacious landscapes.

In Finding Accord, the 3-way conversation goes in and out of agreement in a tête-à-tête of musical opposites as the composer creates new timbres for the piano trio using prepared piano techniques and percussive accents of an ankle bell. Incidental Ducklings brings quacking ducks to life through Kaye’s playful wit and irony. Béla Fleck meets Schubert in Africa in The Doppelganger as Kaye explores the colors of the trombone, while The Beauty Way and Visions bring us the light, the air, the magic of Taos NM.


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Artist Information

Debra Kaye


New York composer Debra Kaye has honed her craft collaborating with musicians of Manhattan's dynamic new music community. AND SO IT BEGINS, her debut album, is the result of this cross-pollination, with most of the music played by those who commissioned and premiered it. Music is movement - a concept from Kaye's Dalcroze studies, these pieces have a visceral, visual quality, balancing pathos and humor, poetry and drama, taking the listener on a wide ranging journey that blends her deep classical roots with traces of jazz, world music, folk and pop.