Michael Timpson
Release Date: May 12, 2015

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Chinese Silk and Bamboo Ensemble, Chai Found Music Workshop Chen-Ming Huang, erhu (Chinese fiddle) and director; Chung-Hsien Wu, dizi/xiao (Chinese bamboo flute); Shu-Fen Lee, yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer); Hui-Kuan Lin, pipa (Chinese lute); Yen-Ping Liang, daruan (Chinese bass guitar); I-Hsien Lin, zheng (Chinese zither); Theresa D'Aiuto Andrasy, voice; Kim McCormick, flute; Sang-Hie Lee, piano;
The University of South Florida Percussion Ensemble | Robert McCormick, conductor; Ryan Wilson, glockenspiel; Alex Delgado, crotales; Ian Kerr, vibraphone; Alex Huffstutler, chimes; Nick Souder, xylophone; Emory Blake, marimba; Tamara Persad, almglocken; Beran Harp, gongs; Additional vocal support: Wil Pertz, Rhodell T. Fields, Tom Kersey, Chris Ferguson, "Shades" Timpson; Richard Scruggs, soprano saxophone; Haiqiong Deng, zheng; Ann Satterfield, bass clarinet; Shu-Feng Lee, yangqin; The China National Film Symphony Orchestra; Tao Fan, Director

In 2008 PARMA Recordings acquired Capstone Records, the highly respected New York-based classical label founded by composer Richard Brooks in 1986, with the intent of shepherding the company and its music into the digital era. This product, originally released on Capstone and now presented by PARMA's Ravello Records imprint, is one of a series of re-releases from the catalog called THE CAPSTONE COLLECTION. For more music in this series, please visit

This album features works by composer Michael Sidney Timpson that combine three different "spheres of influence:" European avant-garde, American jazz and pop, and various Asian musical traditions. These spheres "collide" with inventive friction, often fuse to "reinvent" convention, and merge to "fertilize" the mind with inspirational seeds for further hybrid creativity.

Timpson's works continue to be featured throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He is an Associate Professor of Music Composition at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea. In 2009, he was a Senior Fulbright Research Scholar in the Humanities in Taipei, Taiwan for research on his forthcoming book on orchestration and compositional philosophy on Chinese instruments for Western composers.

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