Diane Barlow and Peter Jahn

Randy Barlow

Ron and Dot Barlow


Kylee Briggs

Gerin B Choiniere

Ben Coker

Camille Cintrón Devlin

Ellen Drewes

The Eichner Family

Thom Ellis

Rob Falvo

Matthew D. Frye

Jon & Carole Greene

Chris Giuffrida

Joshua Harris

Lee Hinkle

Matt Jaskot

Lauren and Cameron Jenrich


Ben Kaplan

Emily Katz

Jennifer Johnstone and Phillip Hamrick

Nancy and John Lemmo

John and Imogene Leupold

Colin Lyles

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Mary Mannion

Scott Meister

MIchael and Kimberly Minear

Richard and Bonnie Mooney

Kathy Moore

Vincent J. Novara

Nancy Owen

Matt Palmer

Jamie Pool

Karen & Tony Richard


Jonathan Scales

The Schnashes

Johanna Schneider

Jeffrey Seegers

Janine Slanina

Leslie Smile

Natalie Spehar

Yee-Ning Soong & Daniel McCormack

Derek Stults and Courtney Morton

Connie Theriault

Charlie Trexler

Gilbert A Gomez Valverde

Julie Wagner & Steven Kramer

Ian Wardenski

Holly, Ryan, and Camden Warmke

Lindsay Watson



To my parents, John and Imogene Leupold – thank you for the unwavering and unquestioned support in all of my musical endeavors over the years. None of this would be possible without you. To my wife, Alessandra – your love and devotion despite my intricacies keeps me going. Your sense of humor keeps me laughing. Thank you for everything you do. To my composition teachers, Scott Meister and James Fry in particular – thank you for your guidance and knowledge in my studies. Finally, a huge thank you to the entire Washington College community.




Ravello Records is the contemporary classical label imprint of audio production house PARMA Recordings. Dedicated to highlighting forward thinking composers and musicians from around the world, the New England-based label's eclectic catalog offers listeners a cross-section of today's up-and-coming innovators in orchestral, chamber, and experimental music.

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