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Chilean-American composer Miguel Chuaqui presents beautifully crafted works for small chamber and solo instruments on his Ravello Records release CONFABULARIO. The American Academy of Arts and Letters says of Chuaqui “His music shows qualities attributable to his Latin-American roots; although he is not a ‘genre’ composer.  He is a clearly integrated personality, which exhibits a unique and convincing sensibility.”


The works on this album present a wide range of interrelated musical materials arrayed into artfully crafted forms. This quality is perhaps most salient in the solo piano work Blues En El Corazon, which features three movements based on musical idea of the blues scale. Written for American pianist Marilyn Nonken, the role of the blues scale’s influence shifts from movement to movement in differing disguises.  The intervals that compose the structurally significant chord in the work’s first movement “Blues Claro”, mirror the intervals that define blues music’s harmonic language.


The two-movement work Confabulario (the title derived from the Spanish verb, ‘confabular’: to conspire) for wind quintet expresses the image of a group of people (or even a family) who loudly talk over each other in the process of reaching a consensus.  The piece’s first movement, “Rapsodia”, illustrates the independence, difference, and disharmony inherent to the characters, in the sounds of the wind quintet’s composite instruments.  The second movement “Concertacion” portrays the group’s arrival at an agreement, as motives from an early oboe solo are passed among the other instruments.




Born in Berkeley California, Chuaqui grew up in Santiago, Chile, and he studied composition with composer Andrew Imbrie at the University of California at Berkeley


Chuaqui’s compositions span all major acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic genres, and have been performed in venues in the US and abroad by the likes of Speculum Musicae, Parnassus, Earplay, New York Virtuoso Singers, New York New Music Ensemble, and SEAMUS


He is the Director of the School of Music at the University of Utah, where he hosted the 2008 SEAMUS National Conference


His research interests include collaborations with colleagues in areas as diverse as modern dance and interactive software development for therapeutic musical applications


Chuaqui both composed and produced all works on the album






Don Gillis

Madera Wind Quintet

Release Date: August 12, 2016

Catalog #: RR7939





Miguel Chuaqui, composer

Confabulario (2012)

Lisa Byrnes, flute; Robert Stephenson, oboe

Lee Livengood, clarinet; Stephen Proser, French horn

Lori Wike, bassoon

1  I. Rapsodia

2  II. Concertación


3 Saturniana (2009)

Donn Schaefer, bass trombone


4  Trance (2010)

Madeleine Shapiro, cello



Blues en el Corazón (2009)

Marilyn Nonken, piano

5  I. Blues Claro

6  II. Blues Ronco

7  III. Blues Mágico





Confabulario recorded May 14 and 16, 2013 at Libby Gardner Hall, University of Utah in Salt Lake City UT

Recording Session Engineer Devin Maxwell


Saturniana recorded May 9, 2011 at Libby Gardner Hall,

University of Utah in Salt Lake City UT

Recording Session Engineer Miguel Chuaqui


Trance recorded April 8, 2013 at Louis Brown Recording Inc. Studio in New York NY

Recording Session Engineer Louis Brown


Blues en el Corazón recorded November 1, 2010 at Teatro Escuela Moderna de Música in Santiago Chile

Recording Session Engineer Alfonso Pérez


Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Chris Robinson

Audio Director Jeff LeRoy

Mastering Shaun Michaud

Production Engineer Nate Hunter

Art & Production Director Brett Pickenll

Graphic Design Emily Roulo

Marketing Morgan MacLeod




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