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Aidan Andrew Dun

Lucie Rejchrtová, piano





Poet and musician Aidan Andrew Dun offers extremely unique works of spoken word poetry recitation, with keyboard accompaniment, in his Ravello Records release HONEYLAND. The album’s offerings can be seen to have roots in a number of Western musical and literary practices.  Dun’s geographically specific epic poetry recalls the writings of James Joyce, and his interest in reciting poems to music suggests the influence of English poet and painter William Blake.


Dun’s rhythmic delivery (particularly in Ball) and the characteristics of the musical performances, seem to indicate the influence of the jazz poetry tradition.  When taken as intimate musical, and not literary works, the album’s tracks can be seen as an extremely distinct example of melodrama, a tradition of works featuring narrated poetry and musical accompaniment dating back to Schubert.


Lucie Rejchrtová’s keyboard accompaniments serve as a foundation for Dun’s recitations. In Vale Royal and Black Passing, the piano tends to establish a repetitive rhythmic framework.


Rejchrtová is also very imaginative and thoughtful in her use of electronic effects beyond the basic piano sound of her keyboard.  Across the album, these effects range from atmospheric uses of reverb and delay, as in To A Dancer, to dramatic instrumental sounds, including guitars, various synthesizers, and percussion instruments, as in Invitation to GQ and Her Feet as Two White Swans.




“Aidan Andrew Dun is a visionary, a pied piper of modern poetry…”, Kate Kellaway, The Independent


Drawn to explore the psychogeography of Kings Cross, Dun wrote and recited Vale Royal in the form of a quest - a dream of transforming an urban wasteland into a transcultural zone of canals at the heart of London.  Vale Royal was launched to critical acclaim at the Royal Albert Hall and earned Dun the title Voice of Kings Cross


Dun’s second epic poem India Cantos led to an American tour, reading in New York, Santa Fe and San Francisco


Dun released Unholyland in 2016, a verse-novel in 800 sonnets set in Palestine/Israel. Heathcote Williams describes the work as “a pyrotechnic, apocalyptic dance…a powerful meditation on the place where civilization began and where it could end”


Lucie Rejchrtová is a pianist and keyboard player from Prague, classically trained and influenced by jazz and gospel music






Release Date: October 14, 2016

Catalog #: RR7946





   1  Ball    2  Black Passing   3  Insomnia   4  Free will     5  Her Feet As Two White Swans   6 Honeyland   7  Towerblocks    8  To A Dancer    9  Little River Road 10  April Time 11  Dawn Journey  12  Morning Rose   13  Urban Portrait   14  Vale Royal (Prologue) 15 Invitation to the Golden Quatrain





Aidan Andrew Dun  Spoken poetry

Lucie Rejchrtová  piano


All tracks recorded May - July 2015 at Third Temple Studios

in London, England

Session Engineer & Producer Michael Lunaire


Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Brandon MacNeil

Audio Director Jeff LeRoy

Mastering Shaun Michaud

Production Engineer Nate Hunter, Lucas Paquette

Art & Production Director Brett Picknell

Graphic Design Emily Roulo, Ryan Harrison

Marketing Mike Mahn




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