In 2008, PARMA Recordings acquired Capstone Records, the highly respected New York-based classical label founded by composer Richard Brooks in 1986, with the intent of shepherding the company and its music into the digital era. This product, originally released on Capstone and now presented by PARMA's Ravello or Navona Records imprints, is one of a series of re-releases from the catalog called THE CAPSTONE COLLECTION. For more music in this series, please visit www.ravellorecords.com.


First released in 2002 on Capstone Records, Phillip Schroeder’s TURNING TO THE CENTER is a subdued, atmospheric tour de force of songs written primarily for an ensemble of baritone voice, clarinet, and keyboards.  Featuring texts by Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, and Rumi, the three song cycles on this release offer atmospheric and varied writing for the expected baritone, clarinet, and keyboards with occasional forays into the unexpected sound worlds of synthesizer and added percussion.


Throughout this release, Schroeder runs the musical gamut of intended emotional responses in his listener.  It is hard not to juxtapose texts from Mark Twain’s biting and satirical tale of Pudd’nhead Wilson with the ancient writings of Rumi without inviting a varied listening experience, and Schroeder masterfully imbibes each collection of songs with the essence of its respective source material.  In particular, the expansive Turning to the Center occupies a highly unified musical dimension, defining and expanding upon a pensive and often austere harmonic foundation.  Rooted in the relationship between the melodic lines of Tamara Raatz’s clarinet and Robert Best’s rich baritone, the piece contains flavors of otherworldly mysticism and timelessness emphasizing the continued relevance of Rumi’s texts.


Schroeder’s intent both as composer and player (the composer appears on piano or synthesizer on each composition) to achieve a singular musical ethos is apparent throughout this re-release. Of this, Schroeder wrote in the liner notes to the original release, “I find no aspect of composing more fulfilling than the crafting of music for specific performers, their strengths, aesthetic preferences, and personalities, ultimately resulting in a community effort as kindred spirits.”




Schroeder has appeared as a featured guest composer, lecturer, and performer at music festivals, conferences, and universities throughout the United States and Europe, and has performed his own chamber works on over 75 concerts.


Schroeder is a professor of music at Henderson State University, where he has taught composition, theory, and aural skills.


Residencies have included the MacDowell Colony, Palenville Interarts Colony, Millay Colony, and the Charles Ives Center for American Music.




Music for Piano (RR7855)

Phillip Schroeder

Release Date: July 14, 2017

Catalog #: RR7970





Phillip Schroeder

Songs for Baritone, Clarinet, and Keyboards

Robert Best, baritone & percussion

Tamara Raatz, clarinet & bass clarinet

Phillip Schroeder, piano & synthesizer


An Offering

01 Offering

02  Beautiful Women

03 O You Whom I Often and Silently Come

04 The Untold Want

05 To Old Age


From Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar

06 Introduction: It is by the goodness of God

07 Set One:

       I. When in doubt

       II. One of the most

       III. Let us be thankful

08 Interlude 1: In the first place

09 Set Two:

       I. We should be careful

       II. Man is the only animal

       III. Nature made the locust

10 Interlude 2: It could probably be shown

11 Set Three:

       I. Noise proves nothing

       II. The holy passion

       III. Nothing so needs reforming

       IV. She was not quite


Turning to the Center

12 Prelude

13 You have said

14 A secret turning in us

15 This moment this love

16 Keep walking

17 Walk to the well

18 No better love

19 I am so small

20 The sun is love

21  I have lived

22  I stand up

23  Dance

24  Something opens our wings




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