McCormick Percussion Group

Robert McCormick, Director

Eunmi Ko, solo piano


this living air   John Liberatore

01  for scraps of manna  4:18

02  mandrake  3:12

03  this light that pours  6:03

04  it is not the mold  3:10


05  Pung-kyung   Seunghee Lee  6:39


06 Solstice  Hilary Tann  14:23

Michael R. Skillern, marimba

Breakup “imperceptible dissolution”

I. WHITE PINES “this strange attunement”

II. LILYPAD LAKE “Sainte Terre - my holy land”

III. KESTREL “flying into the wind”

Freeze-up “icy slivers and darts”


07  Dark Paradise  Ciro Scotto 13:06


Kid Stuff: Five Figments for Piano

and Percussion  Matt Barber  

08   Chimera 5:23

09  Night Owl 4:55

10  Quench 5:43

11  Cuddleys 2:04

12  Goofball 4:42




McCormick Percussion Group Personnel

Robert McCormick, Director and Conductor

Jordon Houk-celeste guest performer on Dark Paradise


Rod Alnord

Katlyn Barber

Aaron Bilsky

William Brown

Nick Bruno

Tyler Carr

Sherry Donataccio

Michael Garcia

Nicholas Faivre

Noah Hayden

Zachary Konick

PJ Lalka

Maddee Leonard

Meghan McManus

Michael Giunta

Emma Quinn

Anandpall Rehsi

Nicolas Remy

Daniel Rodriguez

Jessyca Rose

David Ruth

Michael Skillern

Wes Sleeper

Zacary Spainhoward

Kyle Spence

Ali Thorsen

Gabriel Travieso

Hannah Warner

Chace Williams



Recorded at the Springs Theatre in Tampa FL

Recording Engineer John Stephan


Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Chris Robinson

Audio Director Jeff LeRoy

Mastering Shaun Michaud

Engineering Manager Lucas Paquette

Design & Marketing Director Brett Picknell

Design Ryan Harrison, Jordan Taylor- Hayward



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