Magnar Åm

Born in Trondheim 1952. The Music Conservatory of Bergen (now The Grieg Academy) 1969-1971 (Church musician, composition studies with Ketil Hvoslef). Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1971-1972 (composition studies with Ingvar Lidholm).


Full time composer since 1974. Has written commissioned works for the large orchestras of the country, for choirs like Bergen Cathedral Choir and The Norwegian Soloists Choir, for chamber ensembles like the Oslo String Quartet and Grieg Trio, and for soloists like Geir Inge Lotsberg (violin), Arvid Engegård (Hardanger fiddle), Njål Vindenes (guitar), Jan Hovden (piano), Geir Draugsvoll (accordeon), Bjørn Ianke (double bass), Eirik Birkeland (bassoon), Øyvind Bjorå (violin), Willy Postma (harp), Jun Zhi Cui (Chinese harp), Nils Økland (Hardanger fiddle), Ellen Sejersted Bødtker (harps), Kåre Nordstoga (organ) and many others.


Full work list can be seen at or at


Held the state of Norway’s garanteed minimum wage for artists from 1979, but now recieves a senior scholarship from the state. Was awarded the city of Berlin’s “Europäischer Komponistenpreis” 2006 for the work ’tisn’t the snow falling, it’s us leaving the ground, commissioned and performed by the Norwegian Youth Symphony Orchestra. Was awarded the state of Norway’s “Arne Nordheims Komponistpris” 2009 and TONO’s “Edvard-prisen” 2014.


Has since 1975 given different seminars in composition and improvisation around the country. Teaches the subjects “Intuitive composition/improvisation and music philosophy” (BA), “To create meaning” (MA) and “Playful truth-approach” (MA) at Volda University College as a professor II.




Andreas Barth

Born in Drammen, Norway, 5.11.1974. Lives in Eidsfoss, Norway. Freelance percussionist, sound composer and instrument maker at Farmorhuset (My Grandmother’s House): Workshop, sound studio and record label, established in 2003).



Finds and conveys sounds in different locations, also sounds that are not immediately perceived as music. Using accoustic and electronic instruments Andreas composes music from a diversity of elements, music that appeals to different senses.


Projects with other performers

Since 2006: Member of Quest, an improvising band consisting of Andreas Barth, Erik Fooladi, Geir Hjorthol, Torleif Sagstad and Merethe Vadstein Welle.

Since 2008: Cooperation with Lars Amund Vaage (texts, reading) and Geir Hjorthol (trumpet, voice, electronics). Jazz & poetry-concerts in different parts of Norway.

Since 2014: Cooperation with Magnar Åm, Norwegian composer and musician. Concerts in nature with Quest. Performance of berast fram (to be carried forth) by Magnar Åm (work for sextet and ship engine. Premiere at M/S Hindholmen, Vartdal, Norway, 2016.

2014: Release of Ramme (Farmorhuset), with Geir Hjorthol.

2016: Concert and recording at Emanuel Vigeland Museum, with Geir Hjorthol (trumpet, voice) and Benedicte Maurseth (Hardanger fiddle and vocal).

2016: Concert at Propellhallen kulturarena (The Propeller Hall cultural arena), with Geir Hjorthol and Magnar Åm. Cooperation with many other musicians: Ivar Grydeland, Staffan William-Olsson, Sailorine, Shake, Kate Guldbrandsen, Balkatraz, Vakote Yama, Gotheart, Bullmilk, Stig Ulv, Beate Rostin, Hengsrød Smie, Sondre Bratland, Mathias Eick, Johannes Eick, Kumuru (Nordic project on smell, taste and sound).



2008: Blomst (Farmorhuset)

2012: Naboskap (Farmorhuset)

2012: Klimprar (med Stig Ulv, Stig Ulv records)

2013: Elfolq (Farmorhuset)

2014: Karamba (Farmorhuset)

2015: Det var nå (med Hengsrø Smie, Baby Goat records)

2015: Ramme (duo project with Geir Hjorthol, Farmorhuset)


Part time teacher in public art school and marching school bands, lessons for individual students, many performances in kindergartens.




Geir Hjorthol

Born 1952 in Sykkylven, Norway. Freelance musician, professor of Nordic literature at Volda University College.


Musical profile

Trumpet as main instrument, supplemented by voice and electronic treatment of sounds. Free improvisation on the basis of «non-musical» sounds, specific for different locations. Cooperation with performers of other art forms, esp. literature.


Poetry concerts (jazz & poetry) with Lars Amund Vaage

2017: Den raude staden (The Red Place). Concert tour in Western Norway

2014: Den raude staden (The Red Place). Kristiansand, University of Agder

2014: Den stumme (The Dumb). Litteratur på Bergslagen, Kvinnherad kystkultursentrum

2013: Den stumme (The Dumb). Litteratursymposiet i Odda

2010: Utanfor institusjonen (Outside the Institution). Kvinnherad kulturfestival

2008: Tankesongen (The Thought Song). Dei nynorske festspela

2002: Det andre rommet (The Other Room). Nynorsk kultursentrum


Projects with others (examples)

- As a member of Quest: cooperation with Søre Sunnmøre kammerkor (Søre Sunnmøre chamber choir) at several concerts.

- Soloist with Volda Vokal (choir) at several concerts.

- Concerts in nature with Quest and Magnar Åm, 2014 and 2016.

- Performance of berast fram (to be carried forth) by Magnar Åm (work for sextet and ship engine. Premiere at M/S Hindholmen, Vartdal, Norway 2016.

- Recording and release of Ramme (Frame), with Andreas Barth, Farmorhuset, 2014

- Improvisasjon i tid og rom (Improvisation in time and space). Concert and recording at Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo. With Andreas Barth (percussion, electronics) and Benedicte Maurseth (Hardanger fiddle and vocal), 2016.

- Improvisasjon i tid og rom. Concert at Propellhallen, Volda, with Magnar Åm and Andreas Barth, 2016.



Rom. Quest (Questmusic 2005)

Ramme. Andreas Barth and Geir Hjorthol (Farmorhuset 2015)

With Per Inge Rebbestad: extent of the damage (Savanakken 2016)

the broken vessel. Magnar Åm, Andreas Barth, Geir Hjorthol (forthcoming on Ravello Records, 2018)


Research in the borderland between music and literature

2016: «Den raude staden. Eit improvisert møte med Lars Amund Vaages dikt». In

Unni Langås og Karin Sanders (red.): Litteratur inter artes. Nordisk litteratur i

samspill med andre kunstarter. Kristiansand: Portal forlag.

2016: «Anakroni og repetisjon i Lars Amund Vaages Rubato». In Geir Hjorthol og

Elise Fugledal: Epikk. Digital arbeidspakke. Høgskulen i Volda.

2012: «Å gjenta fortida framlengs. Om Lars Amund Vaages Kunsten å gå.» In

Hanne Bramness og Jan Holljen Thon (red.): Vaage. Ti lesninger i Lars Amund

Vaages forfatterskap. Oslo: Oktober.



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