mind & machine

Volume One


Doug Bielmeier

Jon Bellona

Julius Bucsis

Herbert Deutsch

Bill Whitley

Schliestett & Bliss



MIND & MACHINE is the first of two electro-acoustic compilations to be released on RAVELLO RECORDS. Featuring the work of seven composers on six tracks, MIND & MACHINE explores the incredible range of works that can be categorized as electro-acoustic, a music in which styles are dictated by the technology that is at the heart of its performance.


As far-ranging as are the works themselves are the composers of these pieces. Herb Deutsch (Moog to Mac) originally collaborated with musical pioneer Robert A. Moog on the development of the Moog Synthesizer in the 1960s. Jon Bellona (Currents) is an intermedia artist and composer who specializes in digital technologies, and Doug Bielmeier (Costa Mesa Rocking Chair) is a studio and live engineer. Also based in the technology realm are Jim Schliestett and Bob Bliss (Sunrise Sonata). Julius Bucsis (In the Interest of Time) is an award-winning composer, guitarist, and music technologist, and Bill Whitley (Absent Light) is a composer and pianist.


On MIND & MACHINE’s six selections, this diverse assortment of composers utilizes such elements as incorporating instruments – cello, viola, violin, piano, lap steel guitar – and vocals; creating new musical works divorced from their source content; or, somewhat conversely, sounding out the intersections of our current electronic state while referencing its history; and exploring the relationship between subtle rhythmic shifts and the sense of groove. Each composer uniquely demonstrates how electronics play an equal, if not greater, part in the overall concept of their piece, proving that the possibilities for the creation and manipulation of sound are endless.



Release Date: August 10, 2018

UPC #: 608410873025

Catalog #: RR7994

Format: Digital

Price: $9.99



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