Many new trails to blaze

The UAB Chamber Trio

James Zingara trumpet

Denise Gainey clarinet

Chris Steele piano


MANY NEW TRAILS TO BLAZE showcases three musicians in an intellectually driven, globally inspired set of compositions. Each work, from the genre-crossing Sonata for Three to the tonal balancing act in Flying Over Water, presses boundaries, and the three instruments work together to draw every ounce of potentiality from the notes.


Notable trumpet and cornet player James Zingara has performed around the globe and his album of trumpet recordings, Textures, is already a key member of the Ravello Records catalog. With his colleagues, pianist Chris Steele and clarinetist Denise Gainey, Zingara performs a collection of works that show off the virtuosity of each musician alongside intricate compositions. The album’s title says it all: as a new chamber group, the performers have many new paths to follow and pieces to learn, while they also have new music to uncover and expose to a world waiting for it. While blazing trails, the ensemble breaks down barriers, performing songs that are not quite jazz, not fully classical, and sampling tastes of Argentinian, Romanian, and other international locations.


The UAB Chamber Trio is blazing trails with their latest release. The modern world can present challenges to the contemporary classical composer and performer -- this group, nonetheless, meets these challenges with open arms, forging their own path and making their mark on music history.



Release Date: November 9th 2018

Catalog #: RR7999

Format: Physical & Digital



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