Tower Duo

Erin Helgeson Torres flute

Michael Rene Torres saxophone


On CROSSWIND, flutist Erin Helgeson Torres and saxophonist Michael Rene Torres, who have performed as Tower Duo since 2007, deliver a stunning set of performances which utilize flute and saxophone. Each performance evokes a sensory or psychological experience as wide-ranging as the various sensations encountered in a wet, humid environment, or the juxtaposition of consonance and dissonance.  The album accentuates the duo’s emphasis on performing and premiering contemporary works by emerging composers, such as PARMA label-mates Chin Ting Chan and Scott Brickman, as well as one of Torres’ own compositions, the complex and introspective Four Short Episodes.


CROSSWIND’s title track was composed by Chin Ting Chan specifically for Tower Duo; Tower Music, written for the duo by Thomas Wells, perfectly highlights their virtuosity. Also written for Tower Duo is Charlie Wilmoth’s Three Pieces, on which the performers play in rhythmic unison at one moment before disrupting or distracting one another in the next. The piece was composed to reflect the hyper-focused way that the two think and move on stage.


Composer Philip Sink’s work is inspired by social awareness, the human experience, science, and art. The subtle interplay between flute and saxophone on places never painted, which is complimented on the album by his poem of the same name, evokes the quiet beauty of the natural world.


CROSSWIND presents the dynamism between performers in the context of the duo. Tower Duo packs a powerful sound that leaves listeners leaning in for more.



Release Date: January 11th, 2019

Catalog #: RR8003

Format: Physical & Digital



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