Jeff Morris creates experiences that pop audiences’ minds out of the ordinary to notice new things about the sounds, technology, and culture around them. His performances, installations, lectures, and writings appear in international venues known for cutting-edge arts and for asking deep questions in the arts. He has won awards for making art emerge from unusual situations: music tailored to architecture and cityscapes, performance art for the radio, and serious concert music for toy piano, slide whistle, robot, Sudoku puzzles, and paranormal electronic voice phenomena.


His work has appeared in the Onassis Cultural Center (Athens), Triennale Museum (Milan), D-22 (Beijing’s avant-garde music scene), the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum (Austin), the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s “Open House Chicago,” and the Boston Microtonal Society, and won awards in the Concours de Bourges (France), Viseu Rural 2.0 (Portugal), “Music in Architecture” International Competition (Austin), the Un“Cage”d Toy Piano Competition (NYC), and the “Radio Killed the Video Star” Competition (NYC). Morris’s writings exploring the aesthetic questions raised by his music have appeared at the International Symposium on Electronic Art, International Computer Music Conference, Generative Art International Conference, and Computer Art Congress, as well as in publications by Leonardo Music Journal, Springer, and IGI Global. Photo credit: Igor Kraguljac


Ulrich Maiß lives in Rostock Germany. He has worked with Lou Reed, Robert Wilson, Al Di Meola, Zülfü Livaneli, Joseph “Butch” Rovan, Metallica, ChillFactor 5, Lynn Miles, Alexander Veljanov, Theodor Franck, and Element of Crime. Well-known as a performer of contemporary European chamber music, he has also performed with various rock and folk acts throughout Northern Europe, Greece, and Turkey. His solo projects in the field of experimental music led him to Japan, the United States, and Canada. He played his solo interpretation of Lou Reed’s legendary Metal Machine Music titled CelloMachine on the road for several years.


Accomplished Canadian violinist, composer, and artist Eric KM Clark is a specialist in new and experimental music. Based in Los Angeles, Clark is a member of the Kadima String Quartet, Gurrisonic, and co-founder/co-director of Southland Ensemble. He was also a member of the genre-setting ensemble The California E.A.R. Unit for six years, which gave important performances and masterclasses on contemporary music and technique around the world. Clark has worked with many of the world’s most innovative artists and ensembles, including the late James Tenney, Jurg Frey, Michael Gordon, Richard Foreman, Guy Maddin, Christian Kesten, Michael Pisaro, Morton Subotnick, and Han Bennink.







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