Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi

Each of Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi’s works focuses on the gestural and timbral qualities of sound in unique and critical ways. Drawing on concepts such as breath and articulation, Ahvenniemi explores intimate, hidden, and embodied qualities of sound that are often ignored or overlooked. These qualities are brought into distinct focus by her compositional approach and practice. Working with scores, electronics, voices, and instruments, she creates works that range from operatic scenes, to spatialize surround-sound compositions employing Ambisonics, to solo compositions. Taking inspiration from diverse sources, Ahvenniemi nevertheless chooses compositional methods individually for each work: each piece tells its own story and is made for a specific context and purpose.


Originally from Finland, Ahvenniemi was educated in composition and philosophy in Bergen, Berlin, New York, and Helsinki; her joint disciplines of music and philosophy are expressed in her compositions, essay writing, and her teaching. These joint interests have led her to consider issues of cultural politics: she was a board member of Norwegian Society of Composers from 2013 to 2018 and in 2017 she started the project ‘Nye stemmer’ (‘New Voices’) which is concerned with gender equality in contemporary music. Beyond this, these interests make their way into her music which investigates modes of musical presentation and performance, women’s relationships with the discipline of composition, and the western canon. Ahvenniemi’s work has been performed internationally as the result of numerous collaborations with contemporary music festivals and international artists including from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK, the United States, and Canada. — Dr. Lauren Redhead



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