Track listing


01 Dada-aria 4:33

Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi text

Melis Jaatinen mezzo-soprano


02 Wuthering Modes. Not Moods. 5:39

BIT20 Ensemble  |  Jutta Morgenstern 1st violin

Martin Shultz 2nd violin

Liene Klava viola

Agnese Rugevica cello


03 winds 4:09

Electronic work, fixed media sound; Originally for 8-channel  surround-sound, using Ambisonics

Performed by Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi


04 Herz beim Spinnrade 5:25

Silje Aker Johnsen soprano

Ellen Ugelvik prepared piano


05 l’operette d’amour 0:38

Electronics as a loop

Hilde Annine Hasselberg soprano

Manuel Hofstätter percussion


06 Ode to a Tree 4:59

Live recording with fixed media

Joshua Rubin Bb clarinet


07 Lucia 4:44

Electronics as amplification and delay

Yumi Murakami piccolo


08 Barnet som blev osynligt 9:36

Live recording with fixed media

Tove Jansson text quotes

Hilde Annine Hasselberg voice

Manuel Hofstätter percussion


09 Banalala 7:23

Electronic work, fixed media sound

Hilde Annine Hasselberg voice

Performed by Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi


10 A Song for the Viola 3:07

Live recording with fixed media

Hans Gunnar Hagen viola


11 Tacit-Citat-ion 7:36

BIT20 Ensemble  |  Jutta Morgenstern 1st violin

Martin Shultz 2nd violin

Liene Klava viola

Agnese Rugevica cello







Track 1, 7 recorded May 10, 2018 at Nesodden kirke in Nesoddtangen, Norway

Engineer Manuel Madsen


Track 2, 11 recorded October 29, 2018 in Troldsalen, Troldhaugen in Bergen, Norway

Engineer Gunnar Herleif Nilsen


Track 3 recorded, performed, and fixed November 2016 by Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi


Track 4 recorded August 30, 2018 at Morten Qvenild Studio in Nesoddtangen, Norway

Text quotes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Engineer Manuel Madsen


Track 5, 8, 10 recorded August 31, 2018 at Duper Studio in Bergen, Norway Engineer Yngve Leidulv Sætre


Track 6 recorded November 7, 2017 at Oktaven Audio in Mount Vernon NY

Engineer Ryan Streber


Track 8  text quotes from Tove Jansson “Berättelsen om det osynliga barnet”


Track 9 recorded, performed, and fixed March — April 2014 by Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi

Text quotes from J. G. Ballard


Artist photography  Karjaka Studio 2017



Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Brandon MacNeil

Vice President, Audio Production Jeff LeRoy

Mastering Shaun Michaud

Production Engineer Lucas Paquette

Art Director Brett Picknell

Design Ryan Harrison, Edward A. Fleming

Publicity Patrick Niland



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