places i've walked

Richard Carr


Follow composer Richard Carr as he guides you through his world-travel experiences in his Ravello Records release PLACES I’VE WALKED. The feeling of authenticity cannot be understated in these compositions, divided into four parts.


The album opens with a tranquil, zen-like piece called Fiordland, an ode to his time spent trekking through the mountains of South Island, New Zealand. Carr creates a mellow, introspective sound utilizing orchestral instruments such as a harp, piano, and violin. However, it’s the employment of the sound of native ducks that gives the piece an extra dimension and paints an image of the island’s beauty.


Part 2 starts with Cordillera Blanca, Carr’s interpretation of his trek through the Andes which is performed using bansuri flute, percussion, guitar, and numerous string instruments. The composition fades slowly into the more melancholic and mysterious tone of Markha Valley, expressing Carr’s experiences in the valley in Kashmir with the harp setting the tone.


In Parts 3 and 4, the compositions guide you steadily through snapshots of Carr’s memories. The dreamy transitions are at once nostalgic memories and eye-opening adventures. From the raw nature of the Moroccan street singer in Both Sacred and Profane to the violent rain and thunder occuring in NYC in Avenue C Rainstorm, the sound is vivid and true as the album drifts hazily through the composition.


PLACES I’VE WALKED is more than just an album. It’s an experience, a memoir, a travelogue, all meticulously pieced together note by note and step by step.



Release Date: June 14, 2019

Catalog #: RR8012

Format: Physical & Digital



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