Liner Notes

Sound exists as pulsing rhythm and silent spaces. Layers create reverberating consonance and dissonance. Duration marks movement from one point to another. The music on this album investigates these fundamental values of music and offers the listener a method to discover sonic lines and spaces.


The selection of works on this album, composed between 2011 and 2018, are from my Lines series. With each of these pieces, a compositional technique I have termed “duration lines” is used to create polyrhythmic consonance and dissonance, build structure, and as a compositional device to develop musical content. It is an organized method to explore the simplest components of music duration and layers.


The list of performers on this album is lengthy and represents nearly a decade of my work as a composer and performer. Without thanking them each individually, I would like to express gratitude for taking on these projects and for engaging in collaboration. This project was funded through a VPR Advancement of Early Career Researchers grant at the University of Central Florida. I would like to thank Kristin Wetherbee from the College of Arts and Humanities for all of her assistance and guidance through the process of putting this project together. My colleagues in the UCF School of Performing Arts have been incredibly supportive and encouraging over the past ten years (and beyond, in many cases). I am forever indebted to you for your mentorship and regular inspiration. Thank you for helping me think BIG.


This album of music is dedicated to Debbie, Delaney, and Emmy. — Thad Anderson

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