Mirrored Glass



Greg Harrison, Jonny Smith marimbas


Taktus Duo’s MIRRORED GLASS is all about examining similarities and differences, like reality and the image in the mirror. Creating a two-sided album, percussionists Greg Harrison and Jonny Smith take inspiration from piano composers Ann Southam and Philip Glass and filter their music through the sounds of the marimba.


On the first side of the album, Taktus performs arrangements of Southam’s Glass Houses and Rivers 1. The decidedly bright and joyous tone of the album reflects Southam’s sound, and the duo uses electronic processing on their instruments to create an effect similar to the sustain pedal on piano.


The second side features arrangements of Glass’s Etudes and Music in Contrary Motion. In these pieces, the duo creates a more dark, moody atmosphere, reflective of Glass’s sound. The interplay between Harrison and Smith displays the marimba’s most distinct qualities. The minimal melodies and harmonies still carry the sound along beautifully, while the rhythmic performances create a hypnotizing groove, gripping the listener throughout each piece.


The two sides of MIRRORED GLASS were recorded in different studios with different recording engineers, providing a contrasting sonic experience. The album, however, comes together beautifully as a whole. No matter the mood, MIRRORED GLASS has something for every listener.



Release Date: January 24, 2020

Catalog #: RR8027

Format: Physical & Digital



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