piano / electronics


Zlatko Tanodi

Srebrenka Poljak

Frano Đurović

Katarina Krpan

Vjekoslav Nježić

Danijel Detoni

Krešimir Seletković

Filip Fak


Work metamorphosis through various media — INTROSPECTION’s subtitle says it best. The Zagreb Academy of Music returns to Navona Records with their characteristic forward thinking. Music professors from the Academy come together to not only release piano pieces from the Academy, but to use these pieces as the source material for new electronic compositions. The result is INTROSPECTION.


Each piano work is mirrored by its electronic counterpart, with both the original and electronic piece written by the same composer in each instance. Zlatko Tanodi’s The Four Piano Etudes, demonstrating skills in rhythmic accuracy and dynamic variation, offers the material that triggered its offspring, the sometimes melodic and sometimes “concrete” El Etida. Next is Frano Đurović’s Quadro, which audially describes the experience of watching a painter create a masterpiece on canvas. From this blossoms Disproving the Alibi, an electronic piece including exclusively piano sounds from Quadro. Vjekoslav Nježić’s As the time... and summons... emerged from a workshop with Penderecki where the famed composer never showed up, which was in the end to both pieces’ benefit. Finally, Krešimir Seletković’s What’s the Time?, a compositional etude, and its accompanying piece Overload, demonstrates the true metamorphosis that can occur when electronics step in — indeed, all traces of the original piano sound of What’s the Time? are erased in its electronic counterpart.


INTROSPECTION offers a glimpse into the minds of Zagreb’s forward-thinking music academics, while also showing the life that a piece can have far beyond its original recording. Each piece and its counterpart offers room for inspiration and, yes, a little introspection.



Release Date: July 10, 2020

Catalog #: RR8036

Format: Digital





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