Measured in Miles

Although I couldn’t resist naming this jazz piece after the great Miles Davis, the music itself is quite different, reflecting my own years of jazz listening and playing. It combines a “classical” type of written jazz harmony and counterpoint with sections which grow from the basic material in order to “open up” for improvisation solos and accompaniment.


Woman in Darkness

Sometimes the darkness is created by moonlight in the waters of a silent canal. Sometimes it is a mother’s cry. Sometimes it is the sudden joys of life and motherhood. The piece was written to be performed on the opening concert of The American Chamber Ensemble.


Memories of D

The Long Island Composers Alliance was formed by myself

and Marga Richter in 1972. Just weeks before a performance in 2009, Denise Broadhurst, clarinetist and composer, passed away. I composed this piece in her honor and its first performance was played by the brilliant clarinet soloist Naomi Drucker. This is the recording of that performance.


A Piece for Denise

This piece was composed as a reflection of a long time friend and neighbor from my past home in Baldwin NY. She has performed widely with the L.I. Composers Alliance.



Nancy and I were long time close friends. We fell in love, back in 1995, and married the following year. During the first ten years of our marriage, I composed this duet as well as everything else on this album except Woman In Darkness.


For Everett

Nancy’s son Adam Blau is a musician and a composer of music for film and television. When his first child Everett, was born in 2006, I decided to compose this piece in Everett’s honor and as a love song to his father, Adam and his mother, Rebecca.


Iceland Invention

Nancy’s other son Daniel and his partner Eric were married in Iceland. At that time, same-sex marriage was not legal throughout the United States. Many members of both families flew from both East and West United States for the wedding, spending a long happy weekend with each other and travelling that beautiful nation.


All That Tread the Globe

For over 20 years, the L.I. Composers Alliance played an annual performance at the Bryant Library in Roslyn NY. Bryant, a poet and writer of the early 18th Century, was the writer of the poem “All That Tread the Globe” which, I am sorry to say, I have not read.


Romantic Conversations

When, as Department Chairman, I established a string quartet at Hofstra University, I was again looking for a love song to give to my wife Nancy. Always fond of the cello, I felt it would be a pleasure to write the sense of a romantic relationship between the voice of the cello and piano. The cellist, at that time a member of the Hofstra Quartet was Ben Wolfe, and he and Nancy made this performance in March, 2001


When to Visit Donna

In the first year of our marriage, Nancy and I drove across the country in our Porsche roadster. On the return, we had stopped in Indiana and were fascinated by the state having two different time zones. I composed this piece using references to Charlie Parker’s “Donna Lee”. As a joke, I use many frequent beat and tempo changes over the constantly changing harmonies. — Herb Deutsch






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