Perseverance is at the heart of this album. You hear it in every note and word, regardless of the subject. Megan Marino, John Arida, and Jameson Platte’s brilliant tones capture the spirit of persistence in their magical collaboration.


A Little More Perfect sets Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion on Obergefell v. Hodges, which made marriage equality the law of the land. I base the opening motive on a chart that shows the progress of LGBTQ rights. The esoteric opening becomes more and more commonplace and accepted as the rights, powers, and truths bestowed by Kennedy’s words become self-evident. The title of the work comes from the day President Obama walked out into the Rose Garden and said, “Today, the nation has become a little more perfect.”


Three Reflections of Sister Dorothy shows the determination, transcendence, and martyred hopes of Sr. Dorothy Stang’s fight to save the rainforest. A nun from Ohio, murdered by hire in the Brazilian Amazon in 2005 at the age of 73, she helped poor farmers live sustainably off of the land. The three songs consist of her own words and reflections from others who lived and worked with her in the Amazon and their daily struggle to help the poor, preserve the forest, and save the world.


Preach Sister, Preach celebrates the words of iconic women. Each movement bears the name of the speaker in an homage to them and their empowering message. I treat every quote with the utmost care and musically give a nod to the person, the time period, or an extramusical reference to the text itself, illustrating the power of humor to break down societal barriers.


The Secret Ocean deals with the passage of time, the impact of parenthood, and the burden of passing on wisdom while gaining it at the same time. Amy Jarman and the Blair School commissioned the setting of three poems by Mark Jarman that depict childhood, parenthood, and the link between them.


The Road and the End takes the words of Carl Sandburg’s 1916 poem and transforms them into a vocal tour de force. Catered to the talents of Megan Marino, the music highlights the grit and determination we need to travel the roads we want to travel.— Evan Mack





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