Unquiet Waters

Nicki Roman saxophone

Casey Dierlam Tse piano


Kevin Day

Leonard Bernstein

Olivia Kieffer

Lucie Robert

Bruno Mantovani

Edvard Grieg


With a potent timbre and powerful volume, the saxophone is an instrument that demands respect. Nicki Roman—saxophonist with the award-winning Fuego Quartet—is deftly able to wrest control of the mighty woodwind, making the most of its range and tone. On Ravello Records’ UNQUIET WATERS, Roman takes listeners on a tour of the saxophone’s capabilities, from Leonard Bernstein’s jazzy syncopated rhythms to lyrical wedding marches, to complex works free of barlines. Each piece is different from the last, showcasing not only the breadth and potential of saxophone repertoire, but Roman’s own virtuosity and technique as a performer. Roman is accompanied by longtime collaborator and pianist Casey Dierlam Tse, another herald of new music who plays in lockstep to enrich the saxophone’s tone.



Release Date: August 27, 2021

Catalog #: RR8055

Format: Physical & Digital



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