This collection of works spans from 2007 to 2021, and present my musical and artistic visions in both video and acoustic formats. I would like to thank my parents, Louis and Magdalena Perrotte for their unwavering lifetime of support. I would also like to thank my boys Louis-Marcel and Emile, who remind me every day that music is within all of us and above all is FUN! Most importantly, I want to dedicate this collection of my work to my beautiful wife Brett Van Hoesen. If it were not for her constant support and unending belief in me as a composer and artist I would never have been able to realize my dreams. My lovely Brett truly is my inspiration.


River on a Snowy Afternoon depicts the deceptive power of the Iowa River as it moves the university campus in Iowa City. It has always fascinated me, and it’s a very illusive and ominous feeling that I try to convey in this work. This piece was created in December 2007, about 6 months before the floods of June 2008 which destroyed much of the arts campus at the University of Iowa.


Get Lost in a Dream was written for my friend and colleague Dr. Eric Fassbender. Tape and performer move in and out of each other, thus blurring the line between the electronic and the acoustic. This piece conveys the changes in mood as if the listener was moving through a dream. Key clicks represent twitching fingers while asleep, and the final breaths bring us back to the real world as we are about to wake up.


… the river flows, shaping a changing landscape … is a contrapuntal composition that helps to create the feeling of movement of the Truckee River as it journeys from Lake Tahoe, through the Sierra Nevada and Reno, finally coming to rest in Pyramid Lake. A changing landscape is shaped by the will and strength of the flowing river.


Composition for EEG and Computer is a piece of live streamed data from the performer wearing an EEG headset, sent into Max/MSP, and converted to produce sound and to manipulate video of brain MRIs.


All Pulls Toward the Sea illustrates the journey of water. What starts with a single drop of water slowly builds to a stream, then a river and ending finally in the sea. On this long journey, moments of the past join moments of the present and move forward towards the future which awaits in the sea.


— Jean-Paul Perrotte







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