Karolina Rojahn is a Los Angeles based pianist who has dedicated the last decade of her career to premiering and recording contemporary music repertoire. She has premiered over a hundred new works and collaborated with various classical music labels, most notably Naxos, having released over 43 recordings of chamber and solo piano music, including 5 piano concertos written specifically for her.

Karolina has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the United States as a soloist and a chamber musician collaborating directly with contemporary composers on their newest premieres. She completed eleven seasons of residency performing and commissioning new works alongside the Ludovico Ensemble, a leading contemporary music group in Boston; and is currently actively performing alongside Merge Collaborative and Summa Piano Trio around the west coast. Her passion for the Arts has brought her to perform in interdisciplinary settings, performing alongside fine artists, dancers and multimedia artists. As a co-founder and an artistic director of Merge, Karolina also serves as a curator of exhibits/performances that center around politically and socially relevant themes.

European-born, Karolina was educated both in Poland, studying under finest European virtuosos, including Kazimierz Gierzod, Milosz Magin and Paul Badura-Skoda; and the United States, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in piano performance from the Boston Conservatory as a full-scholarship recipient under Michael Lewin. Karolina was born into an artist family which led her to also pursue studies in fine arts alongside music. She attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she studied architecture, sculpture and printmaking. Her mission as an artist is to perform in interdisciplinary settings, where merging of art disciplines enhances a human experience.

As a dedicated teaching artist Karolina served as a faculty member at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee for eight years while living in Boston and she continues her teaching career in Los Angeles.


Through the Mist

Release Date: February 10, 2014
Catalog Number: RR7901
21st Century
The rush and restlessness of our daily lives can be like a fog, an opaque shroud that can distract from the enlightening experiences of nature. On her debut Ravello Records album THROUGH THE MIST, composer Pamela J. Marshall presents several works that find their origins in the composer's experiences with the natural world.

Exploring the Heart

Release Date: September 25, 2012
Catalog Number: RR7853
Solo Instrumental
Through keen observations of nature, imaginative nocturnal scenes, and apt studies in form, Rachel Lee Guthrie crafts a series of works for solo piano in romantic and baroque styles, letting her impressionistic influences shine through with meditative beauty. From the emotional Serenade to the dynamic Lullaby to the lively Waltz, Guthrie proves herself capable of expressing a wide range of feeling and pianistic style. On EXPLORING THE HEART, a collection of 10 of Guthrie's works for solo piano, her qualities as a composer shine and receive ample support from pianists Karolina Rojahn and Dmitry Tavanets.

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