The Lyric Clarinet

Treasured Works From The Vocal Repertoire For Clarinet And Piano

F. Gerard Errante clarinet
Philip Fortenberry piano
Voltaire Verzosa piano
D. Gause piano

Release Date: February 25, 2014
Catalog #: RR7886
Format: Digital & Physical
20th Century

THE LYRIC CLARINET, the new release on Ravello Records, showcases a collection of works, originally for voice, which are transcribed, arranged, and performed by international performing and recording artist F. Gerard Errante. Errante selected compositions from German, French, and North and South American composers that illustrate the affinity between the clarinet and the human voice.

The French Art Songs of Poulenc and Debussy and the Lieder of Brahms, Schumann, and Schubert are beautifully performed and function as an excellent foil for the more contemporary compositions of Samuel Barber, Carlos Guastavino, Alberto Ginastera, John Duke, Lori Laitman, and Stephen Sondheim. Errante is perhaps best known in the musical community for his contributions to the classical avant-garde. lunar lace, by American composer D. Gause, provides a bridge between this genre and other vocal-based selections with its lyric soaring melodies in an avant-garde setting.


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Artist Information

F. Gerard Errante


A long-time advocate of new music, F. Gerard Errante has enjoyed a performance and recording career spanning decades.  A native New Yorker (Brooklyn), he began his music career like so many do – in a public school music program.  His love for music and his aptitude for woodwinds drove his pursuit of music all the way to college.  Most of his family had advanced careers in medicine; Gerry’s calling was music.  He became a dedicated student and scholar of music first at Queens College (BA), then at Wisconsin, (MA).  He did his doctoral work at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and completed his DMA there in 1970.