Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi
Release Date: March 10, 2015

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Yehuda Yannay
Donald J. Young
Geoffrey Gordon
Joel Naumann
Ryan Maguire
Joseph Koykkar

On the Ravello Records release WISCONSIN SOUNDSCAPES, pianist Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi performs solo piano works by six Wisconsin composers that highlight people, places, scenes, and events chosen by each composer to create a well-rounded portrait of the state.

Yehuda Yannay's Midwestern Mythologist, a six-movement theater work, is a tribute to the composer's friend Steve Nelson-Raney, a pianist and saxophonist, composer, poet, and visual artist working in Madison and Milwaukee. Donald J. Young's Three Root River Scenes depicts various imagery of Wisconsin's Root River, from pleasant afternoons on the banks near the rolling water to the destructive flooding of the river in 2008. Reflecting on three Wisconsin towns, Geoffrey Gordon's Three Summer Sketches illustrates impressions of the rich and evocative name of Black Earth, the old mining town of Mineral Point, and the theater and cultural center of Spring Green.

Joel Naumann's variation work Wisconsin 2011-2012: The Political Whirlwind is the composer's sonic interpretation of the political turmoil leading up to the June 2012 gubernatorial recall election. Ryan Maguire's Heard, for solo piano uses a reprocessed field recording of a herd of cows in a summer thunderstorm as its thematic material. The three-movement work by Joseph Koykkar, Streets and Bridges, depicts imagery of specific streets and places in Milwaukee from the composer's past including Downer Avenue, Lafayette Place, and Brady Street.

Visit the WISCONSIN SOUNDSCAPES web application to access the digital booklet, study scores, video, and more.

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