New Music for Clarinet

…another look

F. Gerard Errante | William Albright | Lee Jordan-Anders | Nyle Steiner




World-renowned clarinetist F. Gerard Errante’s latest Ravello release NEW MUSIC FOR CLARINET … ANOTHER LOOK is a retrospective compilation of avant-garde works previously recorded by Errante in the LP era. These innovative works of the late 20th century, mostly written for or dedicated to Errante, display his wide-ranging mastery and consummate musicality in an idiom that is challenging as well as engaging and compelling.


Errante's eclectic selection of compositions provides an intriguing view of varied compositional styles and media that are as valid today as when they were written. William O. Smith's Solo for Clarinet with Delay System and Asana feature technology that alters the acoustic sound of Errante's clarinet in real-time. In Vladimir Ussachevsky's Four Studies for Clarinet and EVI, Nyle Steiner melds the distinctive sound of his Electronic Valve Instrument with that of Errante's clarinet. Adolphus Hailstork’s A Simple Caprice uses contemporary techniques of clarinet performance, such as multiphonics and harmonics, to depict the Harlem highjinks of  the Langston Hughes character Jesse B. Semple ("Simple"). Dana Wilson 's introspective Piece for Clarinet "Alone" explores a multitude of clarinet colors, registers, and techniques. Errante's own piece, the autobiographical Souvenirs de Nice, utilizes prepared piano as a percussive accompaniment to an improvisatory solo clarinet. Other techniques employed in this work include various vocal elements, playing two clarinets at once, and playing the clarinet into the open strings of the piano. The final piece on the album, The Dissolution of the Serial by Sydney Hodkinson, spoofs musical academia while romping through a variety of musical genres, tongue firmly in cheek.


Composer William Schuman once said, “Music can have no expanding past unless it has a constantly renewing present.” Errante has taken this dictum to heart and has dedicated his musical life to expanding and redefining the contemporary body of literature for the clarinet not only as a teacher and composer, but as one of the world’s premiere interpreters of new music.




F. Gerard Errante’s performing and recording career spans many decades, and focuses on the creation and evolution of contemporary works for the clarinet. His experimentation in audio, video, electronics, and acoustic settings have set the bar for new music for the clarinet


Errante’s performances worldwide from Australia to Zimbabwe have received critical acclaim. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Clarinet Association


Errante has been featured on a number of Ravello releases, including THE LYRIC CLARINET (RR7886) and the Capstone Collection re-releases SHADOWS OF ANCIENT DREAMS (RR7852) and ELECTRIC CLARINET (RR7851)


Errante’s newest release on Ravello is unique, presenting solo acoustic clarinet, clarinet and EVI, clarinet and electronics, as well as clarinet in a small chamber setting


This CD is a re-release of some of the compositions previously recorded on LPs by Errante that have stood the test of time, and are worthy of another look by clarinetists and those interested in innovative works of the late 20th century. Errante has dedicated his musical life to expanding and redefining the contemporary body of literature for the clarinet


Fanfare wrote of one of Errante’s previous recordings, “If there is any hope for contemporary music, it is because of albums like this.” In a similar manner, this collection of vital, creative, yet approachable works will have wide appeal





F. Gerard Errante





Release Date: August 12, 2016

Catalog #: RR7941






William O. Smith

Solo for Clarinet with Delay System (1980)


1 I

2 II


4 IV

5 V


Vladimir Ussachevsky

Four Studies for Clarinet and EVI (1980)


 6 Quasi Marcia

 7 Adagio

 8 Flexibly

 9 Presto


William O. Smith

10 Asana (1985)


Adolphus Hailstork

11 A Simple Caprice (1987)


Dana Wilson

Piece for Clarinet “Alone” (1982)


12 Slowly and freely

13 Funkioso – very rhythmic and driving

14 Slowly and Reflectively


F. Gerard Errante

15 Souvenirs de Nice (1975)


Sydney Hodkinson

16 The Dissolution of the Serial (1967)




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