Into The Green

Wesley Ferreira clarinet

Release Date: April 22, 2022
Catalog #: RR8067
Format: Digital
21st Century
Solo Instrumental

On INTO THE GREEN, clarinetist Wesley Ferreira takes listeners on an aural journey through a world of musical possibilities where digital and analog become one. Works for solo clarinet place it in the midst of sprawling electronic soundscapes, providing ethereal backdrops for its earthy timbre. With technical flair and blistering speeds, Ferreira perfectly blends the instrument with industrial beats, atmospheric arpeggios, and reverberating effects, creating a seamless juxtaposition of computer-based composition and classical, folk, and world music. In doing so, Ferreira and the composers create a sense of old meeting the new, where the lushness and abundance of nature live in harmony with the exciting possibilities of technology.


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Track Listing & Credits

# Title Composer Performer
01 Into the Green Alexey Goroholinsky Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 7:26
02 Sapphire Song Donald Steven Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 15:27
03 Alt.Music.Ballistix: I. A Matter of Fax Nikola Resanovic Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 2:36
04 Alt.Music.Ballistix: II. A Soliloquy Nikola Resanovic Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 4:15
05 Alt.Music.Ballistix: III. A Balkan Dance Nikola Resanovic Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 2:06
06 Alt.Music.Ballistix: IV. Nikola Resanovic Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 3:57
07 Thracian Sketches Derek Bermel Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 6:58
08 Lightshadows, Trembling Gergely Vajda Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 6:00
09 Invisible Duet Fredrik Högberg Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 7:11
10 Carnyx Serban Nichifor Wesley Ferreira, clarinet 4:10

Recorded August 4, 5, December 14, 15, 2020 at Griffin Concert Hall in Fort Collins CO
Session Producer Copper Ferreira
Session Engineer James Doser

Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw
A&R Director Brandon MacNeil
A&R Chris Robinson

VP of Production Jan Košulič
Audio Director Lucas Paquette
Mastering Melanie Montgomery

VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell
Art Director Ryan Harrison
Design Edward A. Fleming
Publicity Patrick Niland, Aidan Curran
Content Manager Sara Warner

Artist Information

Wesley Ferreira

Wesley Ferreira


With a charismatic blend of technical flair, polish, and grace, Portuguese-Canadian clarinetist Wesley Ferreira is widely considered a gifted expressionist. Equally at ease performing masterworks and contemporary repertoire, he has been praised by critics for his “beautiful tone” and “technical prowess” (The Clarinet Journal) as well as his “remarkable sensitivity” (CAML Review), and Fanfare Magazine notes that he is “clearly a major talent.”


INTO THE GREEN is a tour de force solo album of works by a variety of composers for clarinet with electronics and clarinet alone. From its soothing and “earthy” natural acoustics to a seeming amalgamation with computer-generated sound, we hear the full range of the clarinet’s capabilities. From rhapsodic lyricism to the technically virtuosic, Wesley Ferreira takes the listener on a journey of juxtapositions through music that leans heavily on folk and world music influences.

As an album developed and recorded during 2020, quite appropriately, pieces which evoke nature and isolated solitude contrast with the wildly bombastic. We hear the past, a world of innocence, once vibrant and colorful, contrasting with a turbulent yet exciting future where technology permeates life and sound.

The album’s message is one of hope for a more harmonious future, where lessons learned during an unprecedented global pandemic are carried forward:

We must never lose sight of what it means to be a human being of healthy mind and body. 

We must strive to live in better harmony with one another and with nature.

It is Ferreira’s hope that we “appreciate and celebrate our differences” and venture “into the green” to ensure a viable future on a healthy planet earth.